I can see the future in here, yes with obvious, clearly and no doubt

today i would like to tell you, a little story about living in jonggol and being part of IDN, first things i would lovely to tell you about how i become part of IDN.

if you have know about idnfoundation i will tell you again, idnfoundation is institution which focusing in educational purpose, some like annual teacher training (for free) which the material is commonly in networking, system administration(ma filed), and programming. idnfoundation offer schoolarship too for those who have a big desire to learn deep in (e.g networking, system admin, programming).and now i'm in here (system admin) is my filed. what usually i do or everyday i do in here ?
first, you should know who i am haha..
I am Muhammad Alan Nur, now i am in 7th Generation of Pesantren IDN (i guess), which got a schoolarship from IDN (obviously), and know these is what i do everyday in pesantren IDN :

  • eat
  • sleep
  • eat
  • sleep
oh i forgot something, poop hahaha...
sorry if my joke is fucking boring..
oke back to the topic, these what i do :
  • pray (shalah: worshipping Allah)
  • reciting quran
  • memorizing quran (our goals is minimum 1 juz)
  • learn religious education (fiqih, aqidah, etc)
  • teaching
  • sharing
  • english section(mostly i love debate)
  • etc
those which i doing now (hope those cling into my entire life) is what i looking for, how lucky i am right now, thankfully to Mr. Dedi Gunawan who had supporting, directing, suggesting us to better life especially useful for others, and my fucking lovely friend, THANKS!!!!

in this article i just want to vent about how effectively Mr dedi make these entire environtment...
first you should to know IDN have a big community, school, relation company, institution and so many which i cant tell you all..
  • Expert (commonly is folks who have a big experience, etc)
  • Boarding School (Vocational High School)
  • Schoolarship program SMK (Vocational Graduates like I am)
  • Schoolarship program Bocil (10 - 15 Age i guess)
  • etc again
These is just my thought after more 5 month i am in here, so lets get started..
First month we alll doing some deliberate practice, like learning deep (for me Openstack, VMware, etc)
after that we all should blogging which you can surfing in this blog and you will find my post about VMWare, Openstack, Linux, which related to System admin program, and dont forget to sharing (most critical aspect), after we already know(minimum) the next tasks is, we should write some books, right now we have 3 books (Docker, Openstack, Redhat Enterprise) which you can find in toko.idn.id, after that we transfered or sended to teaching around in Indonesia.. i got in Bukit tinggi 12-18 Dec and Bekasi (still planning) that was really good experience isn't ? oh yeah i forgot 1 things we doing some project too hehehe..

during the breaks, we all sharing.. yes we do, this is what i want to tell you, a 'effectif environtment' we are living  with bocil Age between 10-15 mostly programmer and we should taught them, my programmer friend was teach them PHP, HTML, Now progress in Java Android Development, what i do ? haha i usually taught them in how effectively learning anything. cause i think i am a lifehack expert and i really curious about education development, so i want see the bocil progress, i test them too, cause i have basic programming knowledge so why not ? i suggest them too for use english everyday doing blogging and i introduce them with zenius.net which its will be really2x usefull for formal education like math, english or something like that..

right now and directing with my blog title 'i can see the future in here'

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